Topics & Words


Topical Studies

What are biblical commandments and principles concerning topics such as

Abortion · Age Groups · Alcohol · Baptism · Clothing · Communion · Divorce & Remarriage · Fasting · Food · Giving (not Tithing) · Hair & Head Coverings · Homosexuality · Predestination & Free Will and Sexual Discipline(s) ?

The main essence of the New Covenant is not a legalistic guideline on how to do certain things and what not to do. If we live in the Spirit, we automatically live according to the laws and principles God has planted into our hearts. Therefore the following studies rather mean a guideline for the times we are weak and need to be reminded of what God put into our hearts. 

It also means an educational work that aims to confront the false or laissez-faire teaching we sometimes see in the Christian church. We should not rely on contemporary or personal interpretations, but on the Bible alone, the divine and eternal truth.

Word Studies

Learn more about key words and their context in the Bible - with the focus on your (inter-)personal application.

Know the difference between Belief and Faith , what effect our Tongue can have and what words such as Anger · Love · Discipline · Gospel & Good News · Kingdom of God · Religion and Works really mean in the biblical context.