Discernment of Movies


Movies To Avoid


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90 Minutes In Heaven  by Michael Polish

Agora  by Alejandro Amenábar

An Interview with God  by Perry Lang (Catholic / Jesuit movie)

A Return to Grace: Luther's Life and Legacy  by David Batty

A Wish For Giants  by Don Swanson

Beverly Hills Christmas  by Brian Skiba

Blue Like Jazz  by Steve Taylor

China Cry  by James Collier, ft. Nora Lam (Presbyterian; visa sponsored by Kathryn Kuhlman; miracle healing services ...); she was exposed and admitted her lies

Caught  by James Collier, ft. Billy Graham and his sermons

Cessationist  by Les Lanphere, ft. Josh Buice, Justin Peters, Phil Johnson, Steven Lawson

Charge Over You  by Regardt Steenekamp

Come Sunday  by Joshua Marston

C.S. Lewis: Beyond Narnia  by Norman Stone (promotion of C.S. Lewis)

Dogma  by Kevin Smith

Evan Almighty  by Tom Shadyac

Father of Lights  by Darren Wilson, ft. Bill Johnson, Doug Addison, Greg Boyd, Heidi Baker, Kris Vallotton, Mike Bickle, Shawn Bolz, Todd White

Father Stu  by Rosalind Ross (Catholic movie)

Finger of God  by Darren Wilson, ft. Bill Johnson, Sid Roth

For Pete's Sake  by James Collier, ft. Billy Graham and his crusades

For Such A Time  by Alyse Merritt

Freud's Last Session  by Matt Brown

Furious Love  by Darren Wilson, ft. Greg Boyd, Kris Vallotton, Stacey Campbell

Harry Potter Movies

Heaven Is For Real  by Randall Wallace

Heaven's Door / Doorway to Heaven  by Craig Clyde

Holy Ghost  by Darren Wilson, ft. Heidi Baker, Bill&Brian&Jenn Johnson, Todd White

Jesus Christ Superstar  by Norman Jewison

Jesus of Montreal  by Denys Arcand

Kingdom of Heaven  by Ridley Scott

Last Days in the Desert  by Rodrigo García

Lazer Us  by Mann Munoz

Left Behind  by Vic Sarin

Life of Brian  by Monty Python

Living Water  by John McDougall

Lord of The Rings  by Peter Jackson

Martin Luther: A Return to Grace  by David Batty (promotion of Timothy Dolan)

Midnight Stallion  by William Dear

Miracle Man  by Ted Jordans

Noah  by Darren Aronofsky

On Angel's Wings  by Aaron Williams

Only Once  by Rocco DeVilliers

Pocket Angel  by Ken Dalton

Raising Izzie  by Roger Bobb

Rescued  by Brian Brough

Saint Maud  by Rose Glass Martin Scorsese

Send Proof  by Elijah Stephens, ft. Bill Johnson, Ché Ahn, Heidi & Roland Baker, Shawn Bolz, William Craig

Silence  by Martin Scorsese

Snow Angels  by David Gordon Green

Sons of God  by Immanuel Hazeleger, ft. Heidi Baker, Mike Bickel, Rick Joyner, Shawn Bolz

Surprised by Oxford  by Ryan Whitaker

The Blind Side  by John Lee Hancock, with Sandra Bullock

The Case for a Creator  by Lee Strobel

The Chosen  by Angel Studios (Mormon production; claim that Jesus rehearsed (!!!) Sermon on the Mount)

The Chronicles of Narnia  by Andrew Adamson

The Coming Convergence  by Brent Miller

The Da Vinci Code  by Ron Howard

The Heart Of Christmas  by Gary Wheeler

The Last Temptation of Christ  by Martin Scorsese

The Man from Earth  by Richard Schenkman

The Meaning Of Life  by Monty Python

The Most Reluctant Convert  by Norman Stone (promotion of C.S. Lewis)

The Passion of Christ  by Mel Gibson

The Prodigal  by James Collier, ft. Billy Graham and his crusades

The Shack  by Stuart Hazeldine

The Soloist  by Joe Wright

The Testaments: Of One Fold and One Shepherd  by Kieth Merrill (Mormon movie)

The Trump Prophecy  by Stephan Schultze

The Young Believers  by Jay Gerren

The Young Messiah  by Cyrus Nowrasteh (based on Gnostic texts)

This Is The Day  by Frank Pinnock

Time to Run  by James Collier, produced as a Billy Graham evangelistic tool

Turn Around  by Brian Brough

What If ...  by Dallas Jenkins

Actors & Producers To Avoid

James F. Collier (Presbyterian; produced from the late 1950s - 1988 for Billy Graham's World Wide Pictures; Caught, For Pete's Sake!, Time to Run, Joni, The Prodigal)

Jonathan Roumie (playing Christ in the Mormon production 'The Chosen', Catholic prayer app 'Hallow')

Mark Wahlberg (Catholic, Catholic prayer app 'Hallow')

Martin Scorsese (Catholic, made a movie for the pope)

Mel Gibson (Catholic)

Michael W. Smith (90 Minutes In Heaven, Left Behind, The Second Chance, et al)

Robert Duvall (Christian Science)