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From a distinguished career to an ordinary servant of God. 

I grew up as the oldest sibling in a Christian family of 10 - assuming very early the role of a leader. Later I learned the solid trade of Jesus Christ and then pursued a career as an engineer. Years of managing all over Europe the construction of exhibition booths for the big players in the automotive and mobile phone industry ended abruptly, when the financial crisis reached Germany in 2009. A simple backpacking trip to South-America resulted in living in Argentina and later in Colombia, where I started my life from zero and learned languages number 3 and 4.

I changed the industry and worked my way up from a travel agent to managing more than 50 offices of the franchise network of the largest German airline. Personal assistant, traveling more than 100 000 km per year and earning a big salary. Walking in high circles and a presidential reception. In short I achieved every worldly success one could dream of before the age of 40. 

The cost was high. Very high. The only matter that saved me from a burnout was the obedience to the Weekly Sabbath. Literally. But God had other plans - to bring me out of this worldly hamster wheel.

Everything changed in 2017 with the move to Canada and especially my baptism after having been a 'nominal' Christian since early childhood, who was taught that baptism would be optional for Future Salvation and who had wandered away from God for many years. I then served in many fulfilling ways and soon entered into the leadership of my former church, worked for some years as a project manager and had the privilege to lead the construction of a new church campus, while I started this ministry in 2019.

Christmas Outreach, 2020
Christmas Outreach, 2020
Project Management, Construction of Church Campus & Café, 2019
Project Management, Construction of Church Campus & Café, 2019

The seed for the ministry was already planted in 2012 in Colombia, where the first study had been requested by a local church and where I presented it at a youth's camp. Back then I had already the strong desire to organize my learnings into theological teachings, but it was not yet the appointed time. What continued years later with a Christian Blog, progressed to extensive collections of Christian books, movies and music, and only then bore fruit in 72 independent Bible studies I now conduct under the constant search for guidance through the Holy Spirit.

The INSTE Bible College helped me to learn the basics of theology and Bible studies. The study of the Greek language helped me to better understand the Word itself. I intentionally do not aim for further formal education or impressive titles in order to keep my faith pure and undefiled, and especially to provide through this ministry a biblically based theology that is not biased by opinions of often secularized professors in Christian institutions (for the dangers of higher education, see this short clip and martyr John Bradford's letter to the university of Cambridge). This often requires to go an extra mile in studies, but it makes this ministry more scripturally reliable and less constraint by customs, often anti-biblical etiquettes and formalities of men. More information on my methodology and theological background is found in the section 'Overview and Methodology of Works': 

The rest is history - all perfectly visible through this website - created in many thousands of hours of mostly joyful 'work' and provided to you for free. I now 'work' 40+ hours per week for this ministry and fully finance this ministry by working 30 hours as a cabinet maker. Going in humility back to the roots and doing the profession of Jesus in the style of Paul - a move of God I would have never expected. I am more content than ever, working in a small shop with Christian owners and employees. No more permanent availability and responsibility while pursuing a worldy career, but an occupation where I can simultaneously build a very solid foundation for my teaching to others, by often listening for hours to the Bible, podcasts, books and sermons. A job without sleepless nights, but instead allowing a mental focus on ministry, and especially on the current translation project of the Greek Old and New Testament.

No more worldly pride & career, but humility, joy, peace & total dedication.

God is good. His wisdom is so much greater.

Thomas Lorenz   ·   contact@fitforfaith.ca


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  • 02/2023  ·  Donation of 1 computer and another screen. Johannes from Canada.
  • 02/2023  ·  Donation of 1 computer screen. Arthur from Canada. Both donations unsolicited and only 5 days apart, providing the equipment and God's timing to have started the Bible translation project 14 days after.
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