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Founded in 2019 in Vancouver, Canada

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From a distinguished career to an ordinary servant of God.

I grew up as the oldest sibling in a Christian family of 10 - assuming very early the role of a leader. Later I learned the solid trade of Jesus Christ and then pursued a career as engineer. Years of managing all over Europe the construction of exhibition booths for the big players in the automotive- and mobile- industry ended abruptly, when the financial crisis reached Germany in 2009. A backpacking trip to South-America resulted in living in Argentina and later in Colombia, where I started my life from zero and learned languages number 3 and 4. I worked my way up from a travel agent to managing more than 50 offices of the franchise network of the largest German airline. Personal assistant, traveling more than 100 000 km per year and earning 8 times the local average salary. Walking in high circles and a reception with a president. In short I achieved every worldly success one could dream of before the age of 40.

The cost was high. Very high. The only matter that saved me from a burnout was the obedience of the Weekly Sabbath. Literally. But God had other plans - to bring me out of this worldly hamster wheel.

Everything changed in 2017 with the move to Canada and my baptism after all those years of being a 'nominal' Christian, who thought that baptism was optional for future salvation. Dramatically. I worked for some years again as project manager and had the privilege to lead the construction of a new church campus, before I started this ministry full-time in 2019. The seed for it was already planted in 2012 in Colombia, where the first study had been requested by a local church. What continued years later with a Christian Blog, progressed to extensive collections of Christian books, movies and music, and ultimately bore fruit in more than 65 independent Bible studies I now conduct under the constant inspiration of the Holy Spirit, using Bibles such as the very nuanced J.B. Rotherham Emphasized Bible (EBR - for own research), the Lexham Bible (LEB - for published studies) and of course the Septuagint (LXX), plus tools such as Logos, StudyLight and e-Sword. The INSTE Bible College helped me to learn the basics of theology and Bible studies. More information on my methodology is found HERE.

The rest is history - all perfectly visible through this website - created in thousands of hours of mostly joyful 'work' and provided to you for free. I now usually 'work' 30 hours per week for this ministry and 30 hours as a finishing carpenter building furniture. Going back to the roots and doing the profession of Jesus in the style of Paul - a move of God I would have never expected. I am more content than ever, working in a small shop just outside Vancouver, owned by two Christian brothers. No more permanent availability and responsibility, but a occupation where I can listen on good days to entire books of the Bible / several sermons or podcasts and build a very solid foundation for my teaching to others. A job without sleepless nights, but instead allowing a mental focus on ministry.

No more worldly pride & career, but humility, joy & dedication.

God is good. His wisdom is so much greater.

Thomas Lorenz    ·    contact@fitforfaith.ca