>> I believe in THEOS, the maker of everything visible and invisible, including the Heavens and the earth.

I believe in JESUS CHRIST, His only SON, who existed before the beginning, who created the earth and was already present in the Old Testament era as the ANGEL OF THE LORD, also called the MESSENGER OF GREAT COUNSEL (Gen 48:16, Isa 9:6, Mal 3:1). When He came as the SON OF MAN to inaugurate the New Covenant, He was conceived by the HOLY SPIRIT, born of a non-perpetual virgin, suffered 6 trials, was crucified and died before the Passover week was over. On the third day since He rose again from the dead as the First Fruits. He ascended 40 days later into Heaven and now sits at the right hand of THEOS the FATHER. From there He will come one day to judge the living and the dead, and to bring true followers into eternal life on a renewed earth and heavens.

I believe in the HOLY SPIRIT who is the CONVICTOR of the world (Joh 16:8), who is our ADVOCATE (comforter, counselor, encourager) and who dwells in those who follow CHRIST in word and deed. <<

Christian ministries and churches usually present a statement of faith which is copied from a preconceived format. Creeds are beautiful, but are nearly meaningless when used as a statement of faith. We should not hide our real beliefs behind a curtain. Nor should we hide behind generic phrases and ambiguities, but make it clear to the reader what we stand for and especially what we are against. The following scheme intends to be an example for other Christian ministers to follow. The more who will follow this or a similar approach, the more difficult it will be for false teachers to hide behind innocent creeds.

▼ Most positions are based on in-house and in-depth Bible studies - accessible through the links behind the respective Subtopic. ▼

▲ Most of the previous statements are also briefly explained in the section 'Key Findings'. ▲