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The main concepts of Christianity - compacted into well comprehensible booklets. 

The study on CHRIST's Death & Resurrection disproves a fast-track-trial and shows for the first time a perfect harmony of the Gospel accounts. The absolute proof of the Greek Old Testament being superior to the Masoretic texts, sets the stage for the corrected Flood Chronology, also confirming the length of an original calendar year of 360 days; while the Genealogies with the original begetting ages clearly confirm a young humanity (~5500 BC). Other notable studies include the scriptural proof of 24-Hour Creation Days, the Garden of Eden with its now undoubtedly identified location, the true Weekly Sabbath ignoring an erroneous tradition, the study End Times including the regularly neglected 'Thunder Judgments' from Rev 10:4, the biblical definition of Spiritual Self-Sufficiency / Age of Accountability of 20 years, and the often overlooked differentiations between Present Salvation -and- Future Salvation and between Works of Law and- Works of Faith. The awareness of those biblical differentiations can end many unhealthy divisions in the body of CHRIST.

   1     Bible | History · Structure · Application of Scripture
   2     CHRIST | Crucifixion · Resurrection · Ascension
   3     Church | Open-Air > Tent > Temple > Synagogue > Church
   4     Creation | Six Literal Days · 7500 years ago
   5     Eden | The Land & The Garden · Upper Mesopotamia
   6     End Times | Tribulation · Judgment · Eternity
   7     Flood of Noah | 1 Year · 360 Days · Worldwide
   8     Genealogies | Chronicles · Genesis · Luke · Matthew · Ruth
   9     Laws of THEOS | Eternal Laws · Old Covenant · of CHRIST
 10     Numbers | Basic Meaning of Biblical Numbers
  11     One Anothering | Comfort · Exhort · Forgive · Love ...
 12     Prophecies | about JESUS CHRIST · Promises
 13     Sabbaths | Weekly Sabbaths vs. former Ceremonial Sabbaths
 14    Salvation | Stages of a Christian Life · Eternal Security?
 15     Spiritual Gifts | Healing · Prophecy · Tongues · Wisdom ...
 16     Symbolism | Baptism · JESUS & Adam, Isaac, Joseph, Moses
 17     Theophanies | THEOS' Miracles & Presence
 18     THEOS Communicates | With Man
 19     Timeline | Old Testament  &  New Testament Era
 20     Trinity | Father · Son · Holy Spirit  ·  Divine Beings
 21     Virtues & Vices | Fruit of the Spirit · Works of the Flesh

T he  Bible

Learn more about the Word of THEOS through a carefully prepared Bible Presentation. Going deeper, I compared the Greek Old Testament which JESUS CHRIST read and quoted from with our traditional Masoretic texts, compared what historians and scholars stated about the Biblical Canon , created an independent and comprehensive timeline of the Apocrypha / Deuterocanonical Books, and added a basic orientation about Non-Canonical Writings, debunking books such as Enoch and Jubilees.

Christ - Passover Chronology

Traditional interpretations of the timeline of CHRIST's Death and Resurrection contradict the Bible always in multiple points, as every Bible teacher is well aware of. The following study now presents a timeline with a -perfect- harmonization of the 4 Gospel accounts.

The study proves in every biblical context that CHRIST died only 6 days after His arrest on the sixth day of Passover.

CHRIST did neither die before Passover nor does the Bible indicate at any point a fast-track trial of less than half a day, passing through 5-6 authorities between midnight and ~7am. He did not lay 2 nights in the tomb as often claimed, but undoubtedly 3 nights. Leave behind what you have learned in the past and discover the biblical truth in a new light.


    The meaning of the word "Church" has been stretched. What does it mean in the biblical context and how does this term and its function relate to Open-Air Worship, The Tabernacle, The Tent of David,  The House of the LORD, Temples and Temple Courts, and is similar to Synagogues? Do we rather require a defense for services within buildings or for worship outside of them?

    There are 3 functional levels in a church: 1. Overseers, 2. Deacons (Assistants to 1.) and 3. Saints (Disciples). Find out more about the respective biblical definitions and its application.

    T he  Creation

    Learn more about how THEOS designed the whole universe and how He perfectly prepared and adjusted everything for the arrival of His image - humans. The study includes the definition and explanation of the biblical calendar - how the biblical New Year consisting of 360 days and 12 months starts with the New Moon (First Crescent) and how the weeks evolve -independently from the New Moon- around the Weekly Sabbath.


    The first Adam was perfect, but he fell - even beyond righteousness. The second Adam did not come in glory, but will return in glory, and enabled humanity to enter into His glory.

    The  Land  and  Garden  of  Eden

    One of the biggest mysteries of humanity - for both believers and unbelievers. After manually tracing tens of thousands of kilometers of existing and dried up waterways, and comparing several plausible locations in every biblical and geographical detail, I humbly and confidently claim the mystery to be solved. The most important hint is the water source - not being a river "that flowed out from Eden", but more accurately translated with 'that came up out of Eden'. Topography changed through the flood, but not enough to erase decisive leads. We must also remember that Moses logically gave landmarks that existed after the flood.

    You will also discover through the map and the study, that THEOS most probably chose the same location for the landing of Noah's ark, meaning that the 'second creation' initiated where once the first creation began (see separate study 'Noah's Flood').

    End  Times - Eschatology

    A detailed summary of all future events in their biblical order, as described in the book of Revelation and in 29 other books of the Bible. Including the precise chronology of the Restoration of Israel, and the Second Coming of JESUS CHRIST most probably within the regularly neglected Thunder Judgments (Rev 10:1-11).
    With a clear differentiation between events happening in the heavenly realm and / or our physical world, also showing the parallelism of the 3 (4) judgment series and the increase in intensity between those. A study that does not water down the wrath of CHRIST who will indeed stomp the winepress, that points out the events that have to precede the tribulation and how end time-believers will experience the first series of the tribulation.



    What are common misinterpretations of the book of Daniel and why are 99% of the book not related to the end of the New Covenant, but to the end of the Old Covenant?

    T he Flood

    The second greatest event in human history - after the resurrection of JESUS CHRIST. Analyzed, questioned, taken apart - though modern science is confirming more and more that the biblical account is 100% true. The study includes a list with astonishing extra-biblical proofs of the flood and includes the possible footprint of the fossilized ark.

    The chronology is probably exclusive - by including a comparison of the Septuagint and erroneous Masoretic dates - not only confirming the precise length of a former calendar year, but also indirectly proving the earlier creation date of 5508 (5554 BC).


    The Bible contains several genealogies with surprising details, but how do those genealogies fit together and also perfectly prove what the Bible teaches us about a relatively young creation? How does the Hebrew Old Testament (Masoretic Text) and other ancient texts compare to the Greek Old Testament (Septuagint Text)? 

    If you are unfamiliar with the proven manipulation of most of our modern-day Bibles in regards to the Genealogies, and with the Greek Old Testament CHRIST read and usually quoted from, then you should read the study 'Septuagint vs. Masoretic' first. Most timeline-related studies of this ministry will not make sense to you without this essential knowledge.

    No, Shem did not outlive Terah (8th generation after him), nor meet Abraham (9th generation), nor meet his great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandson Jacob (11th generation). The Masoretic texts had been unquestionably and stuporously manipulated.

    The Bible rather points out the very rare cases a father outlived his son. In all the genealogies, only Methuselah and Eber outlived their sons by 29 / 31 years (2 out of 77 generations). It is therefore unsettling to assume that suddenly 5 generations outlived their descendents of the 8th to 11th generation!  

    L aws  of  Theos

    Learn about the differentiation of laws in the Bible - the laws that are valid for every Christian today (10 Moral Laws & dozens of Laws of CHRIST) and those laws that once had been given to the nation of Israel (600+ Old Covenant / Ceremonial Laws) or had been added by some overzealous teachers (1500+ Pharisee / Oral / Fence Laws)
    Gal 3:13 "Christ redeemed us from the
    curse of the law by becoming a curse for us - for it is written, "Cursed is everyone who is hanged on a tree".

    1Joh 2:2-5 He is the propitiation for our sins, and not for ours only but also for the sins of the whole world. And by this we know that we have come to know him, if we keep His commandments. Whoever says "I know him" but does not keep his commandments is a liar, and the truth is not in him, but whoever keeps His Word, in him truly the love of Theos is perfected. By this we may know that we are in him.


    THEOS intended the Bible to be rich in numbers. But we should be careful to not add our own interpretations, extra-biblical numerologies or numerical values (gematria), while losing our focus on the Word itself. Numbers are not meant to be used by us, but by THEOS only. When we now focus on the most relevant numbers, we will notice that THEOS speaks to us in fascinating and divine ways, giving additional significance to Himself, to events, festivals and to certain patterns in the Bible. This unique teaching is a whitepaper that leads where others can usually only react to evil schemes. Once we are equipped with the truth, we can better define and combat the deviations from truth - namely evil.

    One  Anothering

    Learn how THEOS wants us to relate to one another (G240, Greek AΛΛHΛOUC, allelous = one another, each other, mutual, themselves, together).

    We should not only Love one another, but also Accept, Bear, Bless, Comfort, Confess, Encourage, Exhort, Forgive, Give, Greet, Honor, Instruct, Invite, be in One Accord, be One Body, Pray, Serve, Share, Share Burdens and Submit to one another. Each principle is illustrated through the most relevant Bible verses.

    Prophecies & Promises

    Learn about Old Testament Prophecies which had been fulfilled through JESUS CHRIST - with a well organized comparison of Old and New Testament Scripture.

    Learn also about New Testament Promises you can already live out today, if you are a born again Christian.

    The Sabbaths

    Modeled by THEOS Himself, formalized more than 4000 years later through the eternal 4th Commandment, followed by JESUS and the Apostles, and with 4 future references in the Bible. The Ceremonial Sabbaths included in the book of the 600+ Old Covenant Laws are nailed to the cross - but there is no doubt that the Weekly Sabbath carved on stone is binding for every single believer - the only question is how and when to obey it?

    Saturday according to its origin, Sunday according to CHRIST's resurrection or maybe even Lunar? In preparation for this study, I have gone in 2021 through more than 80 (!) essays - from any perspective you can imagine. I learned that many studies and articles out there are very convincing, often impressing with historical details. But I also learned that accounts of history can be easily twisted in any direction, by selecting the quotes an author wants to present. The only solution was to go back to the Word of THEOS and to go methodically through more than 170 Bible verses related to "First / Sixth / Seventh Day" and "Sabbath". Let's bring some light into the monumental confusion we still have today.


    Learn about all the steps of a Christian life - from being born as a sinner, to the decisive step of Past Salvation and -Justification, the following Sanctification, closing with the great reward of Future Salvation, Final Judgment, Eternal Rewards and Eternal Life in the New Jerusalem here on earth.
    A special feature rarely found in other studies is the biblical concept of Spiritual Self-Sufficiency / Age of Accountability of 20 years, in addition to the important ages of 12 and 30 years.

    In the same way that THEOS promised an eternal Temple in Jerusalem (1Kin 9:2-5), but retracted from His promise and left His House for destruction after His people had rejected Him, so we have Eternal Security from which THEOS only retracts if we reject him through ongoing sins we are aware of, but do not repent of. Eternal Security is the promise that the Spirit dwells forever in our Temple (body and soul), but we can clearly shipwreck our salvation by rejecting THEOS. 

    Act 20:29-30 I know that after my departure fierce wolves will come in among you, not sparing the flock; and from among your own selves will arise men speaking twisted things, to draw away the disciples after them.

    Spiritual  Gifts

    Spiritual Gifts are often abused, but sometimes even neglected in their existence. 

    Learn in this very balanced study more about the Spiritual Gifts of Administration, Apostleship (not the office), Discernment of Spirits, Evangelism, ExhortationFaith, Giving, Healing, Helps, Words of Knowledge, Leadership, Mercy, Miracles, Pastor, Prophecy, Serving, Speaking in and Interpretation of Tongues, Teaching and Wisdom. Who is the source of all gifts, how are they being distributed, and what is their purpose and effective use through us?

    Problematic teachers regularly abuse Spiritual Gifts. Learn about the differentiation of false teachers - such as Abusers, Anti-Christs, Charlatans, Dividers, False Prophets, Heretics, Prosperity / Word-Of-Faith Teachers, Speculators and Ticklers.


    The Bible is full of symbolism, typologies and hidden messages, with often astonishing meanings behind - showing how THEOS masterfully orchestrated the events and chronology of Bible history and ultimately His Word.


    Theophanies are manifestations of the Glory of THEOS throughout history. Go on a truly amazing journey and be deeply touched how THEOS interacted in the person of The Father, His Son and the Holy Spirit, and through Angels, elements and many astonishing miracles.

    Is it not remarkable that the ANGEL OF THE LORD appeared throughout Bible history, but does suddenly not appear anymore, after the SON OF MAN came to the earth? Isn't it remarkable that this ANGEL is sometimes directly equated with the LORD?

    Theos Communicates

    How does THEOS 'speak' to us today? Learn in this comprehensive study about the principle ways THEOS communicates with us, but also in which ways He will rarely or never relate to us.

    Bible  T imeline

    Learn more about the chronological order of major biblical and significant extra-biblical events in world history. I compared several timelines and combined the findings into one monumental timeline that intends to come as close as possible to the real dates. The previous study 'Genealogies' provides the precise starting point for human history.


    What does the term 'generation' mean in the Bible? What does CHRIST mean in Mat 24:34 when He stated that the 'generation' of the Apostles will not have passed away until His Second Coming? What are the 3 'Ages'? What are the 'Last Days'? Discover in this overview the basic correlations between the biblical divisions of time.

    T he  T rinity · Theiotes

    Is THEOS one Being eternally existing in three persons, or did He reveal Himself as a single person in three modes as the theology of Modalism claims? 

    Learn more about the Trinity, unfolding the 3 divine and eternal 'persons' that form the 'Godhead'. Once you will understand the real differentiation, you will be able to intensify your personal relationship with the FATHER and the SON, in communication through the HOLY SPIRIT.


    From THEOS the Father and CHRIST the Son, to Morning Stars, Angels, Host(s) of Heaven, Sons of THEOS, over to human beings. Discover also the scriptural differentiation between THEOS and theos (Gods and gods).

    Virtues  and   Vices

    Learn about the Fruit of the Spirit (Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness and Self-Control), also called 'Virtues'

    No positive attributes would be complete without showing the contrast in the form of the Works of The Flesh, also called 'Vices'

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