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Pro 27:17

500 years into Reformation - since the Bible became accessible for ordinary pastors and the body of Christ. But still today, we see modern Jewish Mainstream, which does struggle with basics such as the rhythm of a biblical day (sunrise, not sunset) and the biblical New Year (1st-, not 7th month) - as authoritative source (¹). We have to remember that Jews are -not yet- grafted into the Kingdom and that some radical Rabbis went as far as to manipulate small, but highly decisive fragments of our current Bibles in order to disassociate our Messiah from being their Christ (²).

It is also time to not blindly trust modern institutions and ministries who repeat teachings such as Antinomianism, Arianism, Modalism, Sunset-Sunset-Days and even add modern heresies such as Cessationism, Egalitarianism, Once-Saved-Always-Saved, Optional Baptism, Remarriage without Repentance, what I would coin as Single-Tense-Salvation (³), the Theory of Evolution and Tithing. 

We must rethink theology without any biases, denominational constraints or cultural influences, based on the unfiltered Word of God. This is the teaching mission of this ministry - with its results summarized in the 'Key Findings'.